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Paddle Board Suntech Fisher

New paddle boards ideal for fishing

Suntech launches an innovative proposal to the market for all those who share a passion for the sea, outdoor sports and fishing. It is a Paddleboard that provides a great stability specially designed to load the necessary fishing implements.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a sport that has been growing in popularity around the world for several reasons. One of them is the great variety of modalities offered by this sport, such as Paddleboard fishing.

The SUP Fisher Suntech is 38 “wide (normal ranges from 30” to 35 “) and square rails to provide great stability and control, it is necessary to walk on the board to place fishing or load the implements.

SUP Fisher has 3 multifunction accessories:

  1. Two rod supports to insert the fishing rods that allow an angle to be positioned. In turn serve to tie the cooler.
  2. Front bag for storing fishing and fish implements
  3. Elastic back to the loop backpack or similar.

These innovative and simple implements allow fishing while waiting without rowing or trolling, where the rod is placed and it is beaten while the hook is dragged by the sea.

Below, you will find answers to the most frequent questions from our clients about Paddleboard Fishing:

  • I want to use SUP Fisher to fish, but also to paddle distances, is it possible?

Answer: yes, the SUP Fisher is very stable for paddling, even up to 2 people can ride it without sinking.

  • Is it possible to choose another Suntech Paddleboard with fishing accessories? I also want to use it for other modalities.

Answer: Yes, you can choose any board with fishing accessories. However, we recommend that they be 35 “wide models, or the Adventure line Paddleboards, that are 32” wide with a special shape for speed.

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